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Atlantic City Comedy School

A place for up and coming comedians to get the tools they need to sharpen their skill set and get booked in major comedy clubs around the country.


Have you ever wanted to try Stand-Up Comedy? Think you’ve got the skills to make people laugh? Interested in honing your public speaking abilities?

Whether you’re new to the comedy scene or an experienced comic looking to deepen your industry knowledge, ACJokes offers the resources you need to excel in the Art of Stand-Up Comedy.

Join us in a supportive and encouraging environment, where comedians of all experience levels are welcome and valued. ACJokes is also an excellent venue for networking with other comedians and industry professionals.

Stand-Up Comedy Class: Your Pathway to Stand-Up Success

Our 6-week workshop delves into every aspect of stand-up comedy. Each week, students perform in a workshop setting, developing their material and stage presence with guidance from the instructor. Individual attention is provided to ensure each comic’s personal growth. The curriculum includes specialized classes on writing and the business side of comedy, equipping students with the skills to succeed after the workshop. At the end of the course, students perform live at ACJokes and receive a recording of their performance.

This class caters to all experience levels, helping newcomers get started and seasoned comedians overcome creative blocks.

For more information, please email us at

Jim Mendrinos is a seasoned, professional stand-up comedian. Starting at the age of 19, the audience has seen Jim grow up before their eyes, appreciating his unique outlook on life every step of the way. The audience goes from the laughter of recognition, as Jim covers the things they were talking about ‘just today,’ to the laughter inspired by delighted wonder as they experience new things through the flat out funny observations of this trusted performer.

He is respected in the industry, so much so that he was asked to author “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Comedy Writing” (Alpha Press, © 2004.) Jim’s comedy has been featured on stand-up stages around the world. He’s brought his special brand of funny to Current TV,  SiTV, AXS, Comedy Central, The Fox News Network, HBO and the BBC. His hour-long special, NOT DEAD YET, is available via Amazon.

As a teacher Jim has taught comedy and comedy writing workshops all over the world. His past list of students includes Emmy Winners, award winning entertainers and some of this generation's best comedians. He is one of the most sought after Stand Up Teachers in NYC, having taught at the prestigious Gotham Comedy Club for over a decade. Currently many students learn from him daily via WRITING CHEAT CODES, a daily writing prompt / mini-lesson email daily via subscription. In short, Jim is the go to person for comics looking to improve their skill sets. 

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