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Comedy Club Locations That Are a Sure Bet

visit great comedy clubs throughout atlantic city new jersey at places like the tropicanaGreat comedy often comes from a place of pain. Name a celebrated comic; he or she probably picked a bunch of past scars to get a laugh. The late Robin Williams once said, “Comedy can be a cathartic way to deal with personal trauma.” Carol Burnett has a famous quote that goes, “Comedy is tragedy plus time.”

And then, there’s Mel Brooks: “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.”

If you’ve ever taken a fat loss on a trip to the casinos in Atlantic City, NJ, you know it can feel like cutting your finger and falling into an open sewer, and maybe not dying, but definitely needing some catharsis — quick.

We’re not saying that’s why we chose the Anthem Lounge at Tropicana Atlantic City, the Playground Pier behind Caesars AC Hotel & Casino, and Bally’s Atlantic City Hotel and Casino for our AC Jokes Comedy Club locations. Not all trips to the gambling capital of New Jersey end in tragedy. However, comedy shows are a perfect way to up the ante on a great time.

But, you can’t deny, there’s no better place to forget your troubles — or, to laugh at someone else’s pain while easing your own — than a comedy club.

Our three comedy club locations are the best bet you’ll make on your next trip to AC NJ.

  • Anthem Lounge at Tropicana Atlantic City: The club formerly known as 32 Degrees has always been a great place for guests ages 21 and over to dance at the Tropicana. Now, Anthem Lounge is a place to laugh, while enjoying bottle service and an upscale atmosphere.
  • Bally’s Hotel and Casino: As well-known casinos go, Bally’s Hotel and Casino is among the top destinations in Atlantic City. To enhance the Bally’s experience, AC Jokes Comedy Club offers nightly comedy shows at the Blue Martini. Play, drink, and then laugh the night away with our top-notch comics.
  • Playground Pier: A comedy club with a view. How many other comedy club locations in New Jersey overlook the ocean? Playground Pier is located behind Caesars AC Hotel & Casino and offers four stories of fun. You can eat and shop at a variety of great hotspots, but AC Jokes Comedy Club’s comedy shows stand out in an already vibrant atmosphere.

For more information about any of our great Comedy Club locations or to book tickets to a comedy show for your next visit to New Jersey, call 609-800-8493 or e-mail info@acjokes.com.