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Meet the Comedy Maestro: Gary G. Garcia – The Creative Genius Behind ACJokes Comedy Club

In the world of comedy, there are those who entertain, and then there are those who curate laughter like a fine art. Enter Gary G. Garcia, the casting director and booking agent extraordinaire behind the success of ACJokes Comedy Club. With his meticulous eye for talent and dedication to producing top-notch shows, Gary G. Garcia has elevated the comedy scene to new heights, ensuring that every line-up approved by him is nothing short of comedic brilliance.

Image of Gary G. Garcia performing on stage at Resorts Casino
Gary G. Garcia performing on stage at Resorts Casino

A man of many talents, Gary G. Garcia's resume reads like a comedy dream. Signed to Epic Records, he has made waves with his podcast, "Rated G," a platform where humor meets candid conversation, exploring the darker side of life with a touch of wit and wisdom. His Weekly radio spot with JoJo and Scotty "Conspiracy Mondays" on 100.7 iHeartRadio has further solidified his presence in the comedy sphere, bringing his unique brand of humor to the airwaves for all to enjoy.

Image of live podcast with JoJo and Scotty
JoJo and Scotty with Gary G. Garcia

But that's not all – Gary G. Garcia's comedic prowess extends to the screen with his special on YouTube titled "You Didn't See Me Here Tonight," a laugh-out-loud extravaganza that showcases his comedic chops and storytelling finesse. Alongside his partner and producer, Brian T. Licata, Gary G. Garcia brings a dynamic duo to the podcast world, ensuring that each episode of "Rated G" is a comedy masterpiece in its own right.

Image of Brian Licata and Gary G. Garcia
Brian Licata & Gary G. Garcia

Drawing from his experience leading eight championship baseball and basketball teams, Gary G. Garcia understands the importance of careful selection and teamwork in achieving success. Just as he handpicks the best talent for ACJokes Comedy Club, he nurtures a winning team dynamic that has propelled ACJokes to the number one spot in three categories on TripAdvisor, including Best Comedy Club in Atlantic City and New Jersey.

Image of Gary G. Garcia
Gary G. Garcia
Image of Gary G. Garcia's awards
Gary G. Garcia's Sports Awards Courtesy of Gary G. Garcia

With Gary G. Garcia at the helm, ACJokes Comedy Club is a beacon of laughter, a sanctuary of humor, and a testament to the power of curated comedy done right. Join us as we celebrate the comedic genius of Gary G. Garcia, the man behind the magic at ACJokes, where every show is a symphony of laughter and every performer a star in the making.

Image of Gary G. Garcia and Ray Vazquez
Gary G. Garcia & Ray Vazquez

All Images courtesy of Esco Snaps Photography unless otherwise noted.


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