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Richie Redding's Katt Williams Support Goes Viral (Updated)

Updated: Feb 1

Shout out to our boy Richie Redding for going viral this past weekend!

When Katt Williams broke the internet last week for his scorched-earth rant on the "Club Shay Shay" podcast targeting some notable Hollywood celebrities as "deviants.", a lot of people were going after him. However, Richie stood up for his friend and told the amazing story of when, after Katt saw Richie perform, Katt gave him a massive boost to his career by bringing him on the road with him for 3 years.

But that's when things got interesting...

Little did Richie know that the story would get picked up by some of the biggest urban entertainment blogs and get over a million likes in one weekend! The lesson of the story is that you never know who might be watching, so always give it your best.

Fun Fact: Richie Redding is a Corporate Comedy Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies!

As many of you know, Richie is from the Atlantic City area and performs with us at AC Jokes a couple times a year -- always bringing down the house in the process. But did you know that he also has a successful comedy production company, "Funnier Than You Are"? He and his team of professional comedians produce corporate comedy shows, humor workshops, funny video productions and more for top brands and Fortune 500 companies across the US. You can check him out online at at!

Is Richie Redding Performing at AC Jokes This Month??

Will Richie be coming to AC Jokes this month for a surprise stand-up comedy show? You'll have to come to our shows to find out, so be sure to check out our upcoming Atlantic City comedy shows for updates.

UPDATE: Richie Redding will be performing live at AC Jokes Tropicana on February 18th. Get your tickets here!

Comedian Katt Williams called out several celebrities while appearing on the "Club Shay Shay" podcast on Wednesday. (Jason Davis/Getty Images)

Richie Redding's Facebook Post That Went Viral

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