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Thank You for a Perfect 10 Weekend at ACJokes!

Hello, comedy lovers!

We just wrapped up another incredible weekend at ACJokes, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the turnout and feedback. A huge thank you to everyone who came out and made it such a memorable experience. Your support means everything to us. We're excited to share that every review from last weekend came back a perfect 10 out of 10! We truly appreciate your enthusiasm and hope you’re spreading the word about ACJokes to your friends and family.

A Special Highlight: Our Interview with Aaron Berg

As part of our weekend festivities, we had the pleasure of hosting the amazing Aaron Berg. Here’s a fun snippet from our interview:

Ray Vazquez: Alright. Aaron, you have 6 specials out. Is that right?

Aaron Berg: Really? No.

RV: You don't? How many how many specials?

AB: Two.

RV: You have 2.

AB: But I have, like, 6 albums out.

RV: Six albums. That's what it was. Okay. Yeah. Alright.

AB: And then my special, 25 sets is on, Amazon. Right? 25 sets in a night.

RV: That's really cool.

AB: Yeah.

RV: That's a good thing. So you broke the world record for most comedy sets

done in 24 hours.

AB: I don't know. Yeah. I don't know if it was in 24 hours.

RV: How did you do it?

AB; It was double, almost double the old record. Steve Byrne had the old record.

He did 13. I was trying to do 26.

RV: You were trying for 26?

AB: Yeah.

RV: Okay. So I remember this whole thing. I was watching it as you were doing it.

Yeah. I was following your social media. So how did you do it? What was, like, the first show in the day?

AB: Creek in the Cave, 4:10 PM.

RV: 4:10 PM?

AB: Yeah.

RV: See, I knew you had to start early in the day.

AB: Started early, ended at 2:20 in the morning at LOL. When it used to be the

Times Square. It was a 42rd. A 43rd. And they held the show because I was running late. So they kept the show going. Then I couldn't even get in the front door. Someone had to come down, open up the front door, man, that show sucked.

RV: Now you thought this show was gonna suck?

AB: Yeah...These shows were great. You guys do a great job here.

RV: Thank you.

AB: Yeah.

RV: Thank you. That means a lot. That really does mean a lot to me; especially

because I've seen do Kill Tony, don't you?

AB: I've done... I haven't been a contestant on Kill Tony. I've been a judge.

RV: You've been one of panelists?

AB: Yeah.

RV: Of course. Yeah. Right. And so it means a lot coming from you because as a panelist who judges comedy, to say that we had, you know, a good show here, I really appreciate it.

AB: Yeah. I mean, I can't really judge comedy, but it was a good show. Everybody did good. You hosted the fuck out of it. All the comics are doing great stuff. It was great.

RV: Thank you. Yeah. We worked very hard to make sure it's like a top tier show. And we really, really were, like, so excited to have you here.

AB: Yeah.

RV: So I... I used to do Caroline's; Ray Gootz show, back in the day, and you hosted it a lot of times. So it was you and James Mattern who hosted most of the shows.

AB: Yeah. We're both really good hosts. Yeah.

RV: Absolutely. And I tell you the first night that you were here, the first thing you said when you got on stage is I thought this was gonna suck. And I was sitting in the back and I was going, yeah. Well, what do you think now? And you you proved it that you you really, you appreciated and respected the spot, which meant a lot to me. I appreciate it.

AB: Yeah. They're a great crowd, man. You did a good job. That was a lot all these people off the fucking boardwalk.

RV: Off the Boardwalk, wherever we get them.

AB: Junkies. Yeah. Drunk black lady just fucking talking like it's a movie theater. It was great.

RV: I had to go down and tell her it was a live show. Right? And it still didn't work.

AB: Yeah. She didn't... I told you it would.

RV: I know you were right. You are a 100% right again.

AB: That's privilege. It's white privilege.

RV: And it's something you definitely know your crowd. I've seen you do 3 different sets here and in 3 different sets I saw you do, almost a different persona per set because the first set, it was so loose. It was like you were with your friends in the basement. You recognize that so quickly. I was really impressed by that. You immediately saw that you could, like you can you can hit some real, touchy subjects.

AB: Yeah.

RV: Yeah. And you were able to do that with the crowd all on your side. And I was really impressed by that. I think you're awesome. Man.

AB: Thanks for having me.

RV: Oh, my pleasure. Thank you for coming. Looking forward to seeing you again. You got anything you wanna tell the people about? Anything coming up?

AB: I have a iPhone. Modern, and, I do, like, stuff on there. You know? And, I got some road dates and, got a movie coming out called The Con Job.

RV: Con Job. Where's that?

AB: I don't know yet. Let's see where it comes out. K. It's a con job.

RV: What's it about?

AB: It's about a con job.

RV: Okay. It's like Matchstick Men?

AB: What's that?

RV: What's his name? It was, Nicholas Cage and Sam Rockwell. Oh, they were

Matchstick Men. Con men. And, at the end of the the guy who trained the other guy to be a con man, ended up getting robbed.

AB: This is a comedy, which is really funny. Look for it.

RV: And what's your social media?

AB: @aaronbergcomedy.

RV: @aaronbergcomedy. You gotta check that out. Aaron is absolutely hilarious. And I tell you, I do have a lot of comedians here that come here with stuff they've been doing for years, and they're just stuck in their ways. And Aaron is the farthest thing from that. I've never seen anyone come here and adapt that quickly. So Aaron Berg, awesome comedian. You have to check him out if you haven't yet. And take it from Aaron. ACJokes, it's the place to be.

AB: That's great. Thank you. Peace out.

Upcoming Shows You Won’t Want to Miss

Next week, we’re thrilled to welcome the hilarious Don Jamieson to our stage. Following that, the incredibly funny Steve Trevelise will be joining us for a weekend of non-stop laughter. These are shows you definitely want to mark on your calendar!

Our resident comedians—Ray Vazquez, Gary G Garcia, Buda the Comedian, and Zach Pickett—will be featured throughout our shows, delivering the top-tier comedy you’ve come to expect from ACJokes. We’re proud to have the best residency in Atlantic City, showcasing a mix of seasoned performers and the brightest up-and-comers from New York and Philadelphia.

Speaking of rising stars, we’re excited to have Greg Giraldo Jr. from NYC joining us every week, and Tata Sherise from Philly stopping by twice a month. These comedians are making waves in the comedy scene, and we’re honored to have them as part of our lineup.

Get Your Tickets Now!

If you haven’t already, grab your tickets at and join us for a night of laughter and fun. We promise you an unforgettable experience with the best comedy talent around. Thank you again for your continued support and perfect reviews. Let’s keep the laughter rolling!

See you at the show!


Ray Vazquez and the ACJokes Team


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