Ray Vazquez

Ray Vazquez is a Brooklyn-born, Staten Island raised, Puerto Rican that looks Irish. He began his work career at 9 years old as shoe shine boy. His adorable hustle won him many fans; but then he hit puberty and got fat. Therefore, Ray had to rely on his sense of humor to thrive. At 14 Ray made his whole family proud by deciding to drop out of middle school. He used his gift of gab to land jobs in robot manufacturing, corporate sales, nightclub management, acting, film production and more. Along the way Ray began to bring that smart mouth of his onto comedy stages.

Ray’s background in acting creates a unique delivery where he doesn’t just tell jokes, he re-lives moments of his life right in front of your eyes. Moments such as the time he proposed to someone as an April Fools prank or driving around as a child with a crazy Puerto Rican dad who liked to pump the brakes and make Ray fly around the car and bump his head. His commitment to the head bumping joke led to one of his most legendary moments. Ray accidentally smacked his head with the mic and stared gushing blood all over the stage. However, he continued to do another ten minutes of comedy.

Here are some more words that describe Ray Vazquez: fierce, competitive, no-nonsense, silly, angry and hungry. In 2016 Ray competed on Amazon Prime’s, “Comics Watching Comics.” When he didn’t win the whole thing he took the words offered by the panel to heart and went back to the drawing board. After months of rewrites and rehearsal, Ray returned to the comedy scene with a vengeance; honing his skills and treating the stage like his own personal boot camp.

That hard work paid off in November 2017 when he returned to “Comics Watching Comics” for redemption. The stage was set at the world-famous Gotham Comedy Club. Ray won that competition and became Comics Watching Comics’ first redemption winner. If his career was a shoe it would be glistening with a high-gloss finish spit-shine polish.

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