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Discover Your Comedic Potential at the Atlantic City Comedy School!

Image of the cover of Jim Mendrinos' book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Comedy Writing

Do you have a knack for humor? Ever dreamed of standing under the spotlight, making people laugh until their sides ache? Or perhaps you’re looking to sharpen your public speaking skills with a comedic twist? If so, the Atlantic City Comedy School, hosted by ACJokes, is the perfect place for you!

Why Choose Atlantic City Comedy School?

At ACJokes, we offer an exceptional environment for up-and-coming comedians to hone their craft and gain the tools needed to succeed in the competitive world of stand-up comedy. Here’s why you should join:

A Seasoned Instructor

Our comedy school is led by the renowned Jim Mendrinos, a professional stand-up comedian with decades of experience. Jim started his career at 19, and his unique, insightful humor has made him a beloved figure in the comedy scene. His impressive resume includes appearances on Comedy Central, HBO, and the BBC, and he’s the author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Comedy Writing.”

Jim’s teaching credentials are equally impressive. He’s taught at the prestigious Gotham Comedy Club for over a decade and has mentored Emmy winners and award-winning entertainers. When it comes to mastering the art of comedy, Jim is the go-to person.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our 6-week workshop covers all aspects of stand-up comedy. Each week, you’ll have the opportunity to perform in a supportive workshop setting, receiving personalized feedback and guidance. The curriculum includes:

  • Writing Techniques: Learn how to craft jokes that land every time.

  • Stage Presence: Develop your unique style and learn how to captivate an audience.

  • Business Insights: Gain knowledge about the business side of comedy, from booking gigs to managing a career in comedy.

At the end of the course, you’ll perform live at ACJokes, one of Atlantic City’s best comedy clubs, and receive a recording of your performance. This invaluable experience will help you build a professional portfolio.

Networking Opportunities

Joining ACJokes Comedy School means becoming part of a vibrant comedy community. Network with fellow comedians and industry professionals, share insights, and build relationships that can propel your career forward.

Enroll Now!

Whether you’re a newcomer eager to take your first steps into the world of comedy or an experienced comedian looking to refine your skills, our comedy school offers the perfect platform for growth. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best and perform at Atlantic City’s top comedy club.

For more information or to enroll, email us at Secure your spot now and start your journey to comedic success!

PS: Our next 6-week course starts on June 23rd, so it's important to enroll now. Spots are filling up fast—don’t miss your chance to join this exciting program!


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