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Will the Real ACJokes Please Stand Up?

If you've ever enjoyed a side-splitting night of comedy in Atlantic City, there's a good chance it was at an ACJokes show. We love our fans and appreciate the tremendous support we've received over the years. Recently, though, we’ve been getting messages from fans who are confused and frustrated with the new comedy club at the Tropicana. Let's set the record straight and have a little fun with it.

For years, ACJokes rocked the stage at the Tropicana, and we had a blast. But a new comedy club has taken over our old spot, and from what we’ve heard, the shows just aren’t the same. We've seen comments from groups who went to the new club thinking it was us, only to leave disappointed after 20 minutes. We’re flattered that you miss us, so let’s clear things up.

Where to Find the Real ACJokes

First off, we’re still very much active and bringing top-tier comedy to Atlantic City. You can catch our shows regularly at Resorts Casino and Claridge on the weekends. Our lineup is packed with some of the best comedians around, ensuring that every night is filled with laughter and unforgettable moments.

To get your tickets, head to This is your go-to source for all our upcoming shows and events. Don’t let the confusion steer you wrong—ACJokes is still here, and we're still delivering the laughs you love.

We Hear You, and We Miss You Too

To our dedicated fans who’ve been disappointed by the new club at Tropicana, we hear you. We miss the days of bringing the house down there too. If you want to voice your feelings, let the Tropicana know. Tell them how much you enjoyed our shows and how you'd love to see us back. Your feedback can make a difference, and who knows? Maybe we’ll return to our old stomping grounds someday.

Thank you for sticking with us. Let’s keep the laughter rolling in Atlantic City!


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