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Atlantic City Comedians

ACJOKES.COM is a hand picked team of some of the East Coast’s best comedians and producers, including Ray Vazquez, Mike Merk, Zach Pickert and Buda the Comedian, pulled together by 20-year comedy veteran Matt Bridgestone. Their combined experience delivers innovative street smarts and a guerrilla marketing style that has made ACJOKES.COM a unique entity in the city.

ACJOKES.COM was formed when the troupe decided they wanted to really invest in Atlantic City, even during the off-season when everyone told them they wouldn’t make it. Not only did they survive, but they thrived to the point of producing 10+ shows per week throughout Atlantic City, at the Playground Pier and Anthem Lounge at Tropicana. ACJOKES.COM productions are more like an entertainment family in which the acts don’t just perform – they often find themselves moving furniture or even selling tickets.

Their comedy rooms are like living rooms in the way that the host invites you in and makes you feel at home, before tearing the hecklers apart. They pride themselves on being the only comedy club run by comedians.

There are no drink minimums at ACJOKES.COM shows and providing affordable entertainment is very important to them.. ACJOKES.COM has raised tens of thousands of dollars for charity through performance events of all kinds. No matter the event, the ACJOKES.COM team is prepared to not only entertain, but to keep you coming back for more.


Matt Bridgestone
Ray Vazquez
Zach Pickert
Bob Levy
mike merk

Mike Merk

Gary G Garcia
Buda The Comedian
Petey Rancel
Tait Winston


Joe Matarese
Chuck Nice
Artie Lange
Steve Trevelise
Dena Blizzard
Steve Rinaldi
Dave Evans
Jessica Saul
sue golden
Rudy V.
Adam Gabel
Jerrold Benford
Craig Loydgren
Jeff Paul
Gerard Haran

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